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The meeting that makes £895

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

I’ve got a feel good, short but sweet story for you.

It’s all about how Mark Telford – one of our customers – made enough money to pay for his Diagnostax subscription in month one, and even with a little extra to spare. How? All he did was book 3 meetings. He’d made that money, before the meetings took place. His clients were more than happy to pay…

One cold winters day he decided to contact some clients, something he already does more than annually, and he invited them to a tax diagnostic meeting. He explained the concept, the value and the cost. The power of planning ahead with personal drivers guiding the way, and the £895 cost.

I know his clients appreciate the work he does for them, so I know they’ll trust his word. They said “yes”, the meetings were booked in and the subscription fee was covered. Easy peasy.

Mark now has another 11 months to make nothing but profit, through the massive opportunity tax diagnostic software brings him.…and do you know what else? There’s more cash to be made in these 3 cases, once the tax diagnostic is complete.

I’m not telling you how much you should charge… but I do want you to feel comfortable charging.

We call this software valuable for a reason.

Are you throwing that value away?

The clients valued Mark’s tax services. Mark also downloaded “You’ve got a problem. Your clients don’t get tax”.


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