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Using Diagnostax, this tax season: build your own, behind the scenes, unlimited use, free toolkit

When you bring an opportunity to your client’s attention, just before their tax return deadline, and ensure they get the advice they need – you’re a big-time hero(ine) 😲.

That’s what you can do with ease, with Diagnostax.

You would have the power beyond your industry.

We have listened to our customers, making some changes, so that you can REALLY deliver.

Read on to find out about the new ‘Build Your Own Diagnostic’ feature, unlimited tax diagnostics, using Diagnostax with all clients not just the top tier and our free toolkit download.

To kick things off, let me tell you a story.

NEW FEATURE: Build Your Own Diagnostic

Meet the imaginary business owner, Jim. Hi Jim.

Jim owns a business that sells truckloads of imaginary things. His accountant of six years is currently preparing his tax return.

Along comes a Diagnostax User.

Heroically, the user offers Jim a very brief meeting, highlighting the other tax gap and promising a valuable takeaway: a report and a list of specific reasons why his tax bill is going to be bigger than it probably should be. Jim is told that he can take this list to his current advisor, totally free. How kind…

Jim says to himself, “What have I got to lose?”.

Nothing, Jim. Absolutely nothing.

Jim sits down for the meeting and is introduced to tax diagnostic software.

The Diagnostax User says, “Jim, this is only a short meeting. I’d like you to pick 1 of these 9 areas. There’s a little explanation with each so let me know which one concerns you and your business, the most.”

With all the truckloads of imaginary things Jim has traded recently, it’s no surprise that he went for ‘Trading Activities and Taxable Profits’.

A wise decision…

Jim’s eyes are opened by the results. 3 tax issues – from only one section!

His accountant doesn’t offer tax diagnostic reviews, so there are 8 other areas of unknown opportunity, and the Diagnostax User is the gatekeeper… Jim doesn’t want a repeat of this tax bill, next year.

Jim wants this accountant.

Doing a Diagnostax behind the scenes…

Whilst tax is on your client’s minds, it’s the perfect time to take action and give them reassurance that you are doing everything in your power to reduce that bill.

‘Build Your Own Tax Diagnostic’ allows you to focus on the sections your internal expertise can turnover quickly or independently, as well as to highlight quick wins to take to your meeting.

Using knowledge you already have of a client, and the information you can easily access, why not use Diagnostax ‘behind the scenes’ and then share the results with your client?

Sure, it’s not the optimum way of using the tax diagnostic tool, but with limited time and free tax diagnostics until January 2019 (see below) – it’s a no brainer, right?

And of course, any quick wins generated can be actioned without any need for advice. Jim would appreciate this kind of advice, because he can crack right on with resolving the issue.

Unlimited Tax Diagnostics until January 31st

At Diagnostax, we’re focused on working with early adopter progressive accountancy firms, like yours.

For a limited time only, we’re offering a one-off incentive of unlimited tax diagnostic reviews from November 2018 to January 2019.

And for any new customers who wish to commercialise with us between now and January, you will receive January for free.

This is huge. Through unlimited tax diagnostic reviews, you can identify opportunities and quick wins that could reduce your client’s tax bills. All in a systematic, time and resource efficient manner. For more details, click here.

Get your clients intaxicated!

Tax Season is Wolf Season: free toolkit download

One last thing…

As you can see, tax season is a great opportunity to keep growing your business. Whether that’s through impressing prospects and winning new clients, or by adding extra value to your current pool – I don’t mind!

We’ve made you a toolkit to maximise this opportunity. It’s a long, busy time of year and we want to make it successful without impacting your growth.

It’s been hiding in plain sight, but it’s time to accept… tax season is wolf season, our latest eBook will tell you more.


What is this I see? 🔮

I’ve got an imaginary crystal ball in Diagnostax HQ (I bought it off Jim).

Looking to a potential future, I anticipate some clients feeling better than usual about their tax bills this year, and it would all be down to you.

You Tax Hero. 👍

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