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We have a new partner.

We’re delighted to announce we’ve partnered with Radish Tax to help our clients complete R&D Tax Relief Claims for money they have invested into research and development projects.

Keeping it brief…..R&D tax relief was introduced by the government to incentivise innovation amongst SME UK businesses. This means UK companies with under 500 employees and a turnover under €100m, can claim back up to £33 for every £100 spent on Research and Development Projects.

The tricky bit is identifying what projects are eligible but that’s where Radish Tax come in.

As a business we have directly benefited from making an R&D Tax claim and so we want to raise awareness in our industry and share the benefit. Working together with Radish Tax we want to make sure all our clients understand whether any of their business activities qualify for R&D Tax Relief.

To claim was really straightforward, it only takes about 1 hour of your time and it was definitely worth it. If you’d like to find out if your business could be eligible for R&D Tax Relief, just get in touch and we’ll make the introduction.

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