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Why DTXers win Xero Awards

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Do you use Xero? I know plenty of you do.

I reckon it’s time you applied to win a Xero Award. Nominations are open ‘til 18th October so you’ve got plenty of time to prepare, refine and submit.

PS: Nobody from Xero has told me to write this.

“What makes me so special?” 🤔

I can’t make any promises, but I can tell you with confidence that the stereotypical DTXer is more than qualified to take the throne as No.1. And there’s bragging points, benefits and publicity in being a nominee, too. Check out the NUMEROUS benefits here.

The firms we work with are proving themselves to 100% be the up there with most innovative in the industry. Some of you blow my mind 🤯. You’re on the cloud, you’ve mastered compliance… often outsourcing that work… you’ve asked what’s next? …And you’ve harnessed further apps and ideas that have combined to form your apex offering 🦁.

Your clients are blessed 👼

Now you’re using Diagnsotax, maybe the GAP, and other specialist advisory software? You’re earning good money in the GoProposal community or with Practice ignition… or something else? You’re creating business plans for your clients, often small businesses who have never had this essential advice, especially not at this standard.

I’ve had enough insight and read enough AccountingWEB comment sections to say that (generally speaking) your clients are getting a better service than what a stereotypical large firm is delivering to it’s small-medium sized clients. You’ve got agility, humanity and drive to succeed.

One thing that all you DTXers do… is invest in yourselves and make your clients plan ahead. You help them build a future full of freedom and success.

It’s not because you use Diagnostax

It’s because you stand shoulder to shoulder with award winners 🤝 We have plenty of award winners in our ranks.

We’re best mates with Mark Telford (Xero’s Most Valued Professional, 2018), so we yap on about him all the time – but he’s not alone.

I’ve seen some of your pretty faces all over the Xero presentations = They’re proud of you.

I’ve seen some of you leading the industry… on major event panels = The industry admires folk like you.

You’ve got more commonalities than a Diagnostax subscription! 🤣 Seriously. Your cultures, philosophies, brands, tech stacks (client decks!!) and willingness to better yourselves for your clients. There’s patterns that have emerged, and they’ve helped us define our dream client persona.

It’s your mentality 🧠

Our software helps you deliver the UKs only comprehensive tax review. But it’s you that harnesses that power to service your clients. Do you know how advanced that makes your tax services?

Do you know how advanced that makes your mentality, in general?

(I’m trying my best not to make this about our software 😂 but I’m sorry, I’m proud of what we’re achieving together)

Please apply. What’s the worst that can happen? You could lose a bit of time. Oh, I know you could. But if this article speaks to you, even a little bit – don’t let imposter syndrome hold your magnificent brain back.

You’re an owner of an accountancy business – this is not the first risk you’ve taken.

And I hope it won’t be the last.

Good luck! 🤞

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