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WTF am I doing this for?!

Running your own gaff, Ain’t as glam as it seems. Follow your heart they said, and live your dreams…..

You’ll be your own boss, Oh freedom you’re mine. Keeping all the monies, And precious, precious time.

With both feet ready, You jumped right in. But instead of the Bolly, You’re reaching for the gin.

No one said you’d be changing the lights, Unblocking the loos, Or fixing the pipes.

You look in the mirror, “Ahhh?! What’s happened to me?!” You’ve a mop like Trump, And bags to your knees.

Stop!! Wtf and I am doing this for?! The Beemer? The Burberry? Or that mahogany floor!

Nope! You do it for those special to you. Because they are your world, And there’s nothing you won’t do.

But you can’t deny, The BUZZ you feel… To answer to no one, And steer that wheel!

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